Morgan Shipley (Ph.D.) is the Inaugural Foglio Endowed Chair of Spirituality and Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Michigan State University. An engaged and dynamic scholar committed to expanding inclusion, fostering empowerment, and developing citizen leaders has been appointed as the Inaugural Endowed Chair of Spirituality at Michigan State University. The position is the first of its kind at MSU and at any U.S. educational institution. It is among 82 new endowed faculty positions established during MSU’s Empower Extraordinary campaign.

Dr. Shipley studied at DePaul University in Chicago, the University of Chicago, and earned a PhD in American Studies from Michigan State University. Dr. Shipley’s research, projects, teaching, and work related to the Chair extend our understanding of secular spirituality, new religious movements, and individuals who increasingly identify as spiritual but not religious.

Office: 732 Wells Hall